Living at The Madison has been a wonderful experience. The building is ideally situated in Uptown Charlotte with amazing views of the City. The building is upscale and friendly, and the amenities are beyond compare to any other property in Charlotte. From the moment we set foot onto the property, we knew that we would call The Madison home. The owners put a lot of thought into the layout of the units and filled them with top of the line appliances and upscale fixtures and finishes. When you step into the hallway, you feel like you are in a 5-Star hotel, yet once inside your door, you feel very much at home. The entire closing process was flawless and we cannot say enough good things about the experience. We feel fortunate to have found such a treasure and we look forward to being a part of The Madison for a very long time.
Danny and Kathy Hall, Owner
Susan and I decided that we wanted to purchase a condo in Charlotte. We wanted to be in the downtown area of a City with a moderate winter climate. I located a young real estate agent online who concentrated his efforts in selling condos located in Uptown Charlotte. We spent a good part of a day visiting 6 or 7 condos, each less inspiring than the previous one. At the end of the day, our agent told us that there was a fabulous, new condo with great amenities and superb finishes called The Madison and he would arrange for us to visit that property the following day. Chris picked us up at our hotel and informed us that The Madison was more than we had initially wanted to spend but that it actually was the best building for the money in Charlotte. We did not have to spend more than a few minutes to appreciate both the quality and the value in The Madison. The hallways were beautiful and the units were stunning. Every aspect of The Madison spoke to quality; the kitchen appliances were top of the line, our balconies were incredible and secure parking was included in the purchase. We were told that we would have full access to the Hilton Garden Inns Uptown shuttle which would take us anywhere within 3 miles of the hotel at no cost.
Needless to say, we returned to our condo in Saratoga Springs, NY and immediately agreed to purchase a unit on the 8th floor. We have returned to Charlotte every month and love everything about our home at the Madison. Our purchase was one of the best decisions that we have ever made.
Gerald Benjamin, Owner